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Istikhara can save a marriage only if you perform it before getting married. First, you should check the compatibility between the couple, after that you can go for Istikhara.

Check if it is a Good Match

Check if the boy and girl are compatible with each other. Follow the given guidelines to check if it is a good match.

  • If your son or daughter has a high temper, then look for someone calmer down than your son or daughter
  • If your son or daughter is talkative, then look for someone who is a good listener
  • If your son or daughter likes going out, then look for someone who likes to go out too
  • Make sure the couple has common interests like reading books, cooking, watching movies, etc

Online Istikhara for Marriage

Most people do online istikhara before finalizing any marriage. It is a wise thing to do. Because when you do istikhara, you seek the guidance of Allah in this matter. It can save a marriage. Go for the marriage if you see a positive sign in istikhara. Most of the time relationship becomes toxic and these are the marriages done without online istikhara. So it is advised to perform online istikhara before doing marriage.

Best places for Istikhara

There are many online istikhara providers on the internet, and it’s easy to reach or contact them. You can contact them via Facebook pages or Twitter handle. There are many websites of people who provide online istikhara services. You can also contact the best people using google. But if you want to save your time, you can contact us. We are the best online istikhara center in the UK. We have helped many people who were about to marry. You can contact us on the given number and get our online istikhara for marriage service. 

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