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There are different ways to check if you are under the attack of black magic spells. Only Amils and Rohani scholars know about those methods. The general public doesn’t know how to check if they are suffering from black magic. Fake Amils took advantage of the situation and perform fake black magic checks on people to get money. Fake Rohani scholars and Amils tell people that they are under the attack of a strong black magic spell which only they can release. Later they ask for money. We recommend staying away from such fake Amils. We will share a 100% authentic method that you can apply by yourself to check if you are under the spells of black magic. You can find if you are suffering from black magic with the help of Istikhara.

Perform Istikhara for Black Magic Check

Istikhara results will tell you the truth about black magic spells. You don’t have to go to an Amil and waste your money. Use Istikhara and find if you are suffering from Kala jadu or not. You can perform Istikhara by yourself. It is a simple process. Here is an amazing article on how you can perform Istikhara. Click to read.

Once it is confirmed that you are under attack of black magic, you must want to find out who has cast black magic spells on you. To do that, you can perform Istikhara again to find out who has cast black magic on you. If you don’t want to perform Istikhara, you can always take an online istikhara service.

With this method, you can truly find if you’re really under the black spell or it’s just a misconception. Most of the time, it’s just a misconception. If you ever feel like you’re under the attack of dark spells, we recommend performing Istikhara. It is the right thing to do in that situation. Don’t go to fake Amils, they’ll only misinform you and that misinformation is enough to ruin your life. Save yourself and Perform Istikhara. You can read Kala jadu ka tor ki dua to get rid of black magic all by yourself. You can also contact us for the removal of black magic. 

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